Lacteeze Infant Drops 15ml (9 Pack)


9 Pack – Best Value

Lacteeze Infant Drops break down the lactose in milk, breast milk and infant formula, making the milk more easily digestible.

For the first few months of life some babies may have difficulty fully digesting the lactose in milk, causing symptoms such as bloating, excess wind, irritability or diarrhoea. This can be an important factor in some babies with colic.

Natural Dairy Free Gluten Free Nuts Free Egg Free and Vegan

Product Information

How It Works

A common use of Lacteeze Drops is to reduce the lactose content of baby’s feeds. Clinical trials have shown significant improvement in the symptoms of babies with colic associated with lactose intolerance after pre-treating their feeds with lactase enzyme drops. Lacteeze Drops are suitable for breast and bottle feeding.

Click here for more information on colic associated with lactose intolerance.

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Lactase 250 ALU per drop, glycerol.


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