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Welcome to Lacteeze. Your guide on all matters relating to lactose intolerance.

Here you will find a wealth of informationnot only on lactose intolerance, but also on ways you can enjoy dairy and reduce symptoms without having to embark on a dairy free diet with the help of Lacteeze lactase enzyme supplements. We also cover medical conditions associated with lactose intolerance such as colic associated with lactose intolerance and IBS, how to manage your symptoms, the FODMAP diet and information on low lactose alternative foods, and access to clinical trials

As Australia’s leading supplier of lactase enzyme supplements, we offer a wide variety of choice, including our lactase enzyme tablets in two different flavours and strengths, lactase enzyme drops for infants and Lacteeze Drops for making your own lactose-free products. Our lactose-intolerance dietary supplements are suitable for all the family, from babies to the elderly. Enjoy the taste and health benefits of dairy again with Lacteeze lactase enzymes for lactose intolerance!

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