• Australia's most common food intolerance - beaten!

    Enjoy dairy again with Lacteeze

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  • Treat colic naturally

    Clinically proven to reduce the symptoms of colic associated with lactose intolerance.

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  • Enjoy dairy again

    Enjoy dairy any time, any place - with LACTEEZE

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What our customers say...

  • Lacteeze drops gives me control and flexibility in my cooking and everyday nutrition. I love being free from restrictions! It is significantly cheaper than pre-treated products and super simple to use. It means I don’t have to go hunting for special products just for me when I have a whole family to buy groceries for. I have found it 100% reliable.

    Sarah, Milicent, SA

  • Cheese, milk, butter. All of life’s pleasures I can enjoy with Lacteeze. I always carry a container in my purse, never know when I’ll stop for dessert!

    Melissa, Langford, WA

  • Thank you Lacteeze for creating your products! As someone diagnosed with multiple autoimmune conditions and dietary intolerances, I could not recommend them more highly and always have a bottle with me.

    Caitlin, Taringa, QLD

  • I love Lacteeze! I love that I can go out for dinner with friends and share meals without worrying about whether it contains dairy.

    Keira, Hunters Hill, NSW

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