• Australia's most common food intolerance - beaten!

    Enjoy dairy again with Lacteeze

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  • Treat colic naturally

    Clinically proven to reduce the symptoms of colic associated with lactose intolerance.

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  • Enjoy dairy again

    Enjoy dairy any time, any place - with LACTEEZE

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  • Lacteeze for all the family

    Our wide range of strengths and flavours ensures people of all ages can find a Lacteeze product to suit them.

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What our customers say...

  • Hi, I have been using the Children’s tablets on my 3 kids for 9 mnths now. They are a miracle pill!! I started off using them on my Breastfed 8wk old who was constantly miserable. Gas, pain & runny or explosive bowels. Now the happiest baby ever & everyone comments on it.

    Kate D, Point Cook

  • Tried Lacteeze. Bought a Magnum icecream, took it home, had a tablet, ate the whole thing. You know what happened? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. First icecream in over 12 years. I can now eat without fear, without judging the distance to a toilet from my table, just in case. Friends are now freed when catering for me at dinner. I am free. Thank you.

    Noni P, Hunters Hill

  • By the way,

    Your product is great and I’ve told to all my lactose intolerant friends about it.

    They all loved it!

    Thanks again 🙂


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