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Australian family owned and operated

Lacteeze is the leading brand of lactase enzymes in Australia and is the result of a truly a cooperative effort; starting in Canada and blossoming into a world-wide success story.

Developed in Australia since 2009.

Sydney mother Sheena Cole was struggling to help her lactose intolerant daughter, Courtney, who had been diagnosed with lactose intolerance as well as a wide range of food allergies. Courtney had a very limited diet due to her allergies, and missing out on dairy as well was extremely restrictive. Courtney was finding social occasions hard as she had to avoid a lot of the treats that her peers were enjoying, while Sheena worried about Courtney not enjoying the nutritional benefits of dairy. Sheena researched lactose intolerance to see if there was some way to help Courtney. She read a lot of clinical trials showing how the use of lactase enzyme supplements enabled children just like Courtney to enjoy dairy again with no unpleasant symptoms. There were no lactase enzyme products in Australian but she did find Lacteeze tablets in Canada. So she started purchasing Lacteeze tablets from Canada and found the whole world of dairy was opened up again for Courtney. The joy of birthday cakes and ice cream was a revelation for Courtney, while the health benefits of milk, yoghurts and cheeses were a relief for Sheena.

Realising that Courtney was only one of many, many people affected by lactose intolerance, Sheena, with her company Allergyfree, obtained the distribution rights to Lacteeze in Australia and New Zealand. Today, thanks to her hard work and dedication, the Lacteeze range can be found in all major pharmacies, supermarkets and many health foods stores across Australia – opening up the world of dairy again to thousands of customers.

The next step in our journey has been to move the manufacturing of Lacteeze to Australia. We are proud that the bulk of the Lacteeze range is now proudly “Australian Made”

Many of you have shared your stories with us, from the difficulties of trying to eliminate dairy from your diet to the joy of discovering Lacteeze. From babies smiling for the first time after months of pain, to children enjoying birthday parties and ice cream at the beach, to people finally being able to eat out in restaurants without having to go through the menu with a fine-tooth comb – we thank you for sharing your stories and invite you to continue to do so.

YOU are why we are here, every story brings enormous joy to us and reminds us of how worthwhile our jobs are – thank you!

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