How Lacteeze Works

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Lactose intolerance occurs when the body does not have enough lactase digestive enzymes to effectively break down lactose, a complex sugar found in all dairy products. Enzymes that digest lactose are essential for the digestion of dairy.

Lacteeze tackles this problem in 3 ways:

  • Lacteeze tablets and caplets contain lactase digestive enzymes, an enzyme that digests lactose, effectively increasing the levels of lactase enzymes available in your digestive system.
  • Lacteeze Drops are a liquid form of digestive enzymes for lactose intolerance, specifically designed to reduce lactose levels in milk and other liquid dairy products before consumption.
  • For infants suffering from colic symptoms, the lactase enzymes in Lacteeze Infant Drops are an ideal way to break down lactose in breast milk and formula, reducing the lactose content and making baby’s feeds easier to digest.

Lacteeze Tablets and Caplets

Taking Lacteeze immediately before consuming dairy temporarily increases the levels of lactase digestive enzymes in the small intestine. Dairy can then be digested normally, eliminating the symptoms of lactose intolerance.

Lacteeze remains in the small intestine for about an hour in adults and approximately 45 minutes in children. If you want to continue to eat dairy after this time we recommend taking another dose of Lacteeze to “top up” and maintain an adequate level of enzymes to break down lactose.

Lacteeze tablets and caplets come in 2 strengths:

  • Lacteeze tablets (blue pack) – for mild to moderate lactose intolerance.
  • Lacteeze Double Strength caplets (green pack) – for moderate to severe lactose intolerance.

All our products are 100% natural and are free from drugs, artificial colours, artificial flavours and preservatives. They are certified Kosher and low FODMAP.

Lacteeze Drops

LACTEEZE DROPS work differently from our caplets and tablets. They are not taken orally but are added to liquid dairy products to convert the lactose into more easily digestible glucose and galactose milk sugars. This conversion process needs to take place before the dairy product is consumed. You can reduce the lactose content of any liquid dairy product by adding digestive enzymes for lactose intolerance to your dairy products before consumption.

Lacteeze Drops can be used to make your own lactose-free products at home, such as lactose-free milk, yoghurt, cream, and cheese – if it’s made using a milk base you can convert it!

One benefit of making your own lactose-free products is that you can decide how much lactose you want to convert. The more drops you add, or the longer you leave the mixture before consumption, the more lactose is converted.

Some people find store-bought lactose-free milk too sweet. This is because the enzymes continue to hydrolise whilst on supermarket shelves. The longer products are left to convert, the sweeter the final product is. With Lacteeze Drops you can choose the level of sweetness as you control how long you leave your dairy before consumption.

It is also cheaper to convert your own milk with Lacteeze Drops than to buy store-bought lactose-free milk.

Lacteeze Drops should not be taken orally as the pH of the drops will render them less effective as they travel through the stomach.

Lacteeze Infant Drops

Clinical trials show that 40% of babies medically diagnosed with colic have “colic associated with lactose intolerance” actually suffer from lactose intolerance. By using lactase digestive enzymes to ease digestion, clinical trials show that colic symptoms can be significantly reduced by an average of 45%.

Lacteeze Infant Drops are an effective enzyme to break down lactose. The Drops are used to pre-treat babies’ feeds to reduce the lactose content. Simply add the Drops to either breastmilk or formula and a conversion takes place to break down the lactose into simple glucose and galactose milk sugars which are more easily digested.

Lacteeze Infant Drops are suitable for breast and bottle feeding and have no flavourings, artificial colours or preservatives.

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