What are Lacteeze Infant Drops used for?

The arrival of a newborn is a joyous occasion, but for many parents, the presence of colic can create a challenging and emotionally taxing experience. The persistent crying, fussiness, and discomfort associated with colic often leave parents searching for gentle and effective solutions. Enter Lacteeze Infant Drops, a specially formulated remedy designed to ease colic symptoms by addressing potential lactose intolerance symptoms. In this article, we delve into the connection between an immature digestive system in babies and colic, and how Lacteeze Infant Drops can offer relief.

What is Colic? 

Colic is a mysterious condition that affects many infants, typically starting around the second week of life and often resolving by the fourth month. Colic is diagnosed by symptoms, it is not a medical condition with a specific cause. There may be several causes of colic and clinical trials have shown that developmental lactose intolerance or transient lactose intolerance is a common cause, impacting 40% of babies medically diagnosed with colic. This is termed “colic associated with lactose intolerance”.

Many babies are born with digestive systems that are still developing and adapting to the outside world. The immaturity of their gastrointestinal tract can lead to difficulties in digesting certain components of breast milk or formula, potentially triggering colic associated with lactose intolerance. The complex interplay of factors like gas production, gut microbiota development, and enzyme production can contribute to the discomfort experienced by infants during colic episodes.

Lactose, the complex sugar found in milk, formula and breast milk requires the enzyme lactase for proper digestion. In some cases, babies do not produce sufficient amounts of lactase, leading to lactose intolerance – the inability to fully digest lactose in dairy. This lactose sensitivity can manifest as gas, bloating, abdominal discomfort and excessive crying, which are classic symptoms of colic. Studies have shown up to 40% of babies medically diagnosed with colic actually suffer from transient lactase intolerance or otherwise known as Developmental lactose intolerance.

Lacteeze Infant Drops come into play by reducing the amount of lactose in babies’ feeds by converting it into simple sugars that babies can easily digest. Studies show that this can reduce symptoms associated with lactose intolerance considerably, particularly reducing crying time in babies whose colic is associated with transient lactose intolerance by a staggering 45%!

How do you use Lacteeze Infant Drops?

Lacteeze Infant Drops Package and Bottle

Lacteeze Infant Drops offer a natural and non-invasive approach to addressing colic symptoms in infants. Parents can easily incorporate the drops into the baby’s feeding routine by adding the recommended amount to either expressed breast milk or formula. It is also simple to use Lacteeze Drops for direct breastfeeding although this will entail expressing a few tablespoons of breast milk before each feed. 

The drops are tasteless and odourless, ensuring that they won’t disrupt the baby’s feeding experience. By facilitating the digestion of lactose, Lacteeze Infant Drops aim to provide gentle relief for colicky babies.

Are Lacteeze Infant Drops Safe for Infants?

Parents of newborns are naturally concerned about giving their children medicines or drugs. Lacteeze Infant Drops offer a reassuring solution as they are drug-free and do not contain preservatives, artificial colours or preservatives, making Lacteeze Infant Drops safe for infants. The ingredients in Lacteeze Infant Drops are glycerol and lactase enzymes. It is important for parents to seek medical advice before introducing any new supplement to their baby’s diet, ensuring the product is suitable for their child’s specific needs. The instructions for using Lacteeze Infant Drops should be followed carefully, as advised by a healthcare professional.

Clinical studies exploring the connection between lactose intolerance and colic show that lactase supplementation may offer benefits for many infants. Additionally, numerous testimonials from parents highlight the positive impact of Lacteeze Infant Drops in soothing their colicky babies. While every baby is unique, these testimonials coupled with scientific evidence, underscore the effectiveness of using Lacteeze Infant Drops to address colic symptoms associated with lactose intolerance.

Lacteeze Infant Drops emerge as a thoughtful solution for parents navigating the challenges of colic in their infants. By recognising the link between an immature digestive system, lactose sensitivity, and colic, parents can better understand how Lacteeze Infant Drops may offer relief for their little ones. As always, consulting with healthcare professionals ensures personalised advice, fostering a supportive environment for the healthy development of infants and providing peace of mind for concerned parents.

Lacteeze also makes drops for people with Lactose intolerance wanting to make their own lactose-free foods at home, such as lactose-free milk, yoghurt, cream, and cheese – if it’s made using a milk base you can convert it! It is available in leading pharmacies both in-store and online via the Lacteeze Shop.

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