My local pharmacy doesn’t sell the Children’s Strength tablets. What can I give my lactose intolerant child so that they can enjoy dairy?

Don’t worry. Although the Children’s Strength tablets are specially formulated for children, it is perfectly safe for children to take the adults strengths if the Children’s is not available. Depending on your child’s level of lactose intolerance, you may find half to 1 tab of the adult range is sufficient to eliminate symptoms. Remember, any excess lactase enzyme is simply eliminated through the digestive system.

My child was able to digest milk as a baby but now that he’s getting older he appears to have the symptoms of Lactose Intolerance. Why would he suddenly develop it?

The lactase levels in humans naturally decrease when a child is weaned. For most children there is still enough of the enzyme produced to digest the dairy in our diets, but for others they drop too low to be able to breakdown the lactose. This could be temporary, due to a recent bought of gastroenteritis or a course of antibiotics or it could be permanent. Read more about the Risk Factors of Lactose Intolerance here.

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