Lactose Content Of Common Foods

Understanding which foods contain high levels of lactose is crucial for those looking to manage their lactose intolerance. Our quick and comprehensive guide is designed to help you easily navigate through various lactose intolerance foods and identify the best foods for lactose intolerance. While dairy products are the most common foods with lactose, several other items like certain baked goods and processed foods can also have hidden lactose. This guide aims to provide clear information on the lactose content in a variety of everyday foods, assisting those with lactose intolerance in making informed dietary choices.

Please note that foods high in lactose can be found at the top of the table.
Dairy Product Lactose content (gram / 100g product)
Milk powder36-52
Coffee creamer35-55
Milk, condesed10-16
Milk, low fat4-5
Milk, whole fat
(cow, goat, sheep)
Milk, chocolate4
Cream, half and half4
Cream, light4
Cream, sour4
Yoghurt, whole milk4
Ice cream3-8
Cream, whipping3
Yoghurt, low fat2-7
Cheese, ricotta1-5
Cheese, cottage cream1-3
Cheese, mozzarella1-3
Sherbet / sorbet1-2
Cheese, feta0.5
Cheese, brie0.1-1
Cheese, camembert0.1-1
Cheese, parmesan0.1-1
Cheese, emmentaler (Swiss)0-3
Cheese, appenzeller0.1-1
Cheese, gruyere0.1-1
Cheese, tilsiter0.1-1
Cheese, gouda0-2
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