About Lactose Intolerance

Lactose content of common food

Dairy ProductLactose content (gram / 100g product)
Milk powder36-52
Coffee creamer35-55
Milk, condensed10-16
Milk, low fat4-5
Milk, whole fat (cow, goat, sheep)4-5
Milk, chocolate4
Cream, half and half4
Cream, light4
Cream, sour4
Yoghurt, whole milk4
Ice cream3-8
Cream, whipping3
Yoghurt, low fat2-7
Cheese, ricotta1-5
Cheese, cottage or cream1-3
Cheese, mozzarella1-3
Sherbet / sorbet1-2
Cheese, feta0.5
Cheese, brie0.1-1
Cheese, camembert0.1-1
Cheese, parmesan0.1-1
Cheese, emmentaler ("Swiss")0-3
Cheese, appenzeller0.1-1
Cheese, gruyere0.1-1
Cheese, tilsiter0.1-1
Cheese, gouda0-2