Lacteeze drops gives me control and flexibility in my cooking and everyday nutrition. I love being free from restrictions! It is significantly cheaper than pre-treated products and super simple to use. It means I don’t have to go hunting for special products just for me when I have a whole family to buy groceries for. I have found it 100% reliable.


Cheese, milk, butter. All of life’s pleasures I can enjoy with Lacteeze. I always carry a container in my purse, never know when I’ll stop for dessert!


Thank you Lacteeze for creating your products! As someone diagnosed with multiple autoimmune conditions and dietary intolerances, I could not recommend them more highly and always have a bottle with me.


I love Lacteeze! I love that I can go out for dinner with friends and share meals without worrying about whether it contains dairy.

Rosemary O

“For many years I suffered severe & unrelenting discomfort / gut pain for several days whenever I consumed dairy products – particularly when I ate out at a restaurant.

After many investigations & medications, a wonderful Gastroenterologist did a biopsy & diagnosed a gross lack of the ‘Lactaze’ enzyme.

He then prescribed “Lacteeze Tablets” which, as I remember, had only recently been placed on the market. The relief some 25 yrs ago, was amazing & I have been pain free & able to consume dairy products ever since.

I carry a supply in my handbag as well as a supply at home – so all bases are covered. I can enjoy dairy products – including icecream – with confidence as well as keeping my calcium levels normal. I do use Skim Milk as a precaution.

As a nurse working in a General Medical  Practice I have been able to spread the word about Lacteeze to many people who have been very grateful for the relief they have also experienced.

It is amazing to find so many people are so Lactose intolerant   but are able to be so relieved by a tablet, so easily & safely.

THANK YOU LACTEEZE!!!!!!!          We can’t live without you !!!!!

Rosemary O, email

Belinda M

All new mums need to be told about this product. My daughter (3 months old) has suffered from really bad colic, crying all evening and well into the night. I gave her Lacteeze and within 24 hours she was a different baby! We got our first good nights sleep in 3 months, and she seems so much happier.

Sam E

Thank you Lacteeze tablets, can finally eat dairy again!! Hello Malteasers hehe

Kenji W

Lacteeze is the best invention ever. All the icecream and milk I’ve been able to enjoy lately. Just in time for summer.


To all my lactose intolerant family out there. This product, Lacteeze, has changed my life.